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Data is a critical asset that becomes a liability if not properly managed and secured. We provide our clients with high-level data protection through selective and highly secure, column-level encryption for easy deployment, high performance and scalability. ACSG Corp’s On-the-fly encryption software is designed to enable you to define what information needs to be protected, who has access to this information, when and how it should be accessed, and from what machines and/or applications data can be accessed. This includes the capability to restrict access to sensitive data from either security or database administrators. Various organizations have integrated ACSG Corp’s encryption and key management products and services into their overall risk management strategy. As a result, they proactively meet industry and government compliance requirements while securing a range of high-value, sensitive and regulated data assets.

Through ACSG computer encryption software, we offer complete solution to protect sensitive data on any windows PC, Desktop, Laptop, Hard Disk or Removable Drive such as USB Flash Drive, Memory Stick, etc.

We provide :-

  • Adaptable encryption on any platform: Our services allow for encryption in heterogeneous environments - encrypt on one platform and decrypt on another.
  • Advanced key management: Our solutions include a centralized Key Manager that generates, distributes, rotates, revokes and deletes keys, enabling encryption and allowing only authorized users to access the protected data while still making it easily accessible to authorized users.
  • Audit Logging: All access requests to encrypted data are logged with information about the function, encryption resources used, data accessed and when the access occurred.